From August 21 to 28, European ports may face a strike on August 8!

On the evening of the 9th local time, the negotiations held by ACAS mediation service to avoid a strike at felixstone port, the largest container port in Britain, broke down. The strike is inevitable and the port is facing shutdown. This move will not only affect the logistics and transportation in the region, but also affect the international maritime trade in the region.


On the 8th, the port raised the wages of dockers by 7% and paid 500 pounds (606 US dollars) in a lump sum, but this was rejected by the negotiators of the United trade union.

Before the 8-day strike on August 21, the two sides had no plan to hold further negotiations. The shipping companies had planned to reschedule the berthing time of the ships at the port. Some shipping companies considered allowing the ships to arrive in advance so as to unload the imported goods from Britain.

As soon as Maersk, a shipping company, issued a strike warning, it is expected that it will cause serious operation delay. For the current emergency, Maersk will take specific measures and is completing the prevention plan.


On September 9, the two sides issued a contradictory statement. The Port Authority said that "the trade union rejected the proposal of the port to negotiate again", while the trade union said that "the door for further negotiations is still open".

Since the breakdown of the negotiations, the port authority based in felixsto considers the strike inevitable, but questions whether the dockers are willing to resolve the long-term labor dispute.

Post time: Aug-15-2022